Road rage: Man attacks Ankita Sharma, she punches in retaliation

has learnt about another horrific case of road rage involving a television actor.

After Monaz Mewavala and Vije Bhatia, Rangrasiya actress Ankita Sharma had a terrible road rage experience last Friday (20 June 2014).

She was returning from her shoot at around 8.30pm in the evening when she entered into a scuffle with a man driving a Honda City.

The actress narrates the incident: “I was in my Hyundai I 10 car on the Andheri flyover and wanted to take a U-turn from a particular signal. When the signal turned red, I decided to drive straight to avoid causing inconvenience to other drivers. All was well till one man who was in his Honda City pulled his window down and started hurling abuses at me out of the blue. He kept following me in an attempt to overtake and block my car and when he was unsuccessful; he got down from his vehicle and tried to choke me. He held me by my T-shirt.”


Continues Ankita, “I was stunned but had to teach him a lesson. He pulled open the door of my car. It is then when I pushed him hard jumped on top of my car and started punching him on the face. I have his nail marks on my hand but the way I kept punching him hard, I am sure he has learnt the lesson of his life and would be sitting at home with a swollen face. He will not dare to raise his hand on a woman or treat our gender inferior or weak hence forth.”

The on lookers finally brought an end to the fight.

In the entire mess, Ankita could not note down the number of the car or get a hold of the man’s identity, but she has gone on to lodge a police complaint at Juhu police station and they have assured her of swift justice.

Elaborating the incident she stated, “The police have been very cooperative. I could not remember the entire number of the owner’s car apart from 4 digits. When I informed the cops about it, they assured me that they will nab him by tracking the CCTV footage and get the car traced with the help of the RTO officers.”

“I want women to know that they should not tolerate such violence, raise their voice against such criminals and teach them a good lesson,” she added.

Ankita, we salute you for your courage.

(Find above the copy of the police complaint)

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Kapil Nirmal to get back in Star Plus' Veera

Hot News! Hot news! Hot news!

Well, late in the evening* has got a very exciting piece of news for the fans of Star Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas?Veera (Beyond Dreams Entertainment). The popular character of Nihal played by the rustic good looking man Kapil Nirmal will soon be back in the show.

As seen in the show, Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) and Baldev (Vishal Vashishtha) have gone to Poland to know more about agriculture and planting, will come across Nihal. It will be shown that he has been living his life far away from the Pind after being rebuked by Ranvi and Ratan (Sneha Wagh) years back.

Readers would remember, Nihal was the reason for Sampoorn’s (Sudhangshu Pandey) death and this truth had made Ratan and Ranvi break all ties with Nihal and he was ordered to stay away from the family.

Now when Veera and Baldev will meet Nihal she will make him come back to Punjab with them and soon an interesting twist will take place in the show. Nihal and Ratan’s romance might also flare up with this return track.

Kapil who is currently shooting in Poland remained unavailable to comment.

We also called up Producer Yash Patnaik, but he asked us to call later.

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Sidharth and Shraddha to help solve a case on Sony TV's CID

Film integration has become regular promotional trick and actors Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor from the movie Ek Villain will once again be a part of a TV show- this time it’s the popular and thrilling CID (Fireworks Productions) on Sony Entertainment Television.

The couple has already made appearances in shows like Jhand Ho Gayi Sabki, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega and Kumkum Bhagya to promote their upcoming film.

As the dialogue of the film states, ‘Har film mein ek hero, ek heroine aur ek villain hota hai’- the hero and heroine will be seen helping the talented CID team in solving a murder case and nabbing the dreaded culprit.

The actors are shooting for the episode today and it will air soon.

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Kekti Dave and Manish Nawani celebrate birthday with family

When someone gets to know that it is your birthday, the most likely question that one may ask you is, “Where’s the party tonight?” Partying is a cheerful way of celebrating but spending the special day with your family members is important too.

Beautiful and talented Ketki Dave and handsome lad Manish Nawani (The Buddy Project) is spending quality time with their family today (23 June).

Says Kekti, “I will be going out with my family to watch a movie and then dinner. My son brought a cake for me which I cut last night. I also celebrated my birthday on 21st with my husband Rasik and my family at Palladium mall, Lower Parel.”

She continued, “I love birthdays as that is the only day when you get a lot of pampering and attention from your loved ones.”

Any memorable birthday that you would like to share, “On my 14th birthday I had called my friends for a house party and they all asked me to get beer for all of them. When my parents came back at night they saw bottles lying everywhere. And surprisingly my mom (Sarita Joshi) didn’t shout and she simply laughed about it. But next day she came up to me and made me understand that I was young for all this things.”

On other hand, Manish Nawani flew down to Delhi to meet his parents but the young lad was unaware of the party that was organized by his family and friends last night. He shared, “When I reached Delhi I was amazed to see my friends and family waiting for me to surprise. My brother booked a venue where he arranged for cocktails and dinner. I must say it is my best birthday and have been showered with lots of gifts.”

Have you done anything naughty on your birthday? “Yes many things but I can’t mention them.”

So who was first the first one to wish you? “Samrit Bawa from my previous show Buddy Project wished me first.”

We wish both a lovely birthday!

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I will surely miss the Jhalak stage: Purab Kohli

Yesterday, the good looking Purab Kohli was eliminated from the celebrity dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 (BBC) on Colors. And trust us, when we spoke to the actor he sounded as shocked as the viewers were with this ouster.

The actor who has been part of films like My Brother Nikhil, Rock On, Jal among many more, made his television debut with the coming of age show Hip Hip Hurray and followed it with VJing for Channel V.

With his comeback on TV cut short, Purab spoke to us soon after his elimination. “I was really very shocked with the result, but then I can’t do much about it. I was really excited to be a part of Jhalak and was hoping for a long stay. Also with people appreciating our performance, the elimination just came out of the blue.”

The lanky cute guy kept quite a low profile in the show, did that act as a hindrance towards a longer stay? “That’s not true, for I was quiet out there. And I hardly got time in the show to let people know me. It was just a couple of episodes for me; had I been a little longer in the show I am sure I could have been a lot more fun,” he replied.

When we prodded him on whether his non-TV stature was the reason of his speedy eviction, Purab quipped, “I really don’t know about that. My job was to perform and present entertaining performances which I think I managed to do in the time I was in. Since I am not seen on TV much, people do take time to recognize me.”

His first grandeur against gravity performance was quite an experiment and many said that it was unnecessary. When asked to comment on the same, Purab defended himself as he said, “The challenge was to bring out a never seen before act and Mohena (his choreographer) decided that we will give a performance that has never been seen on TV before. Initially I was quite skeptical and scared, but with regular practice I think we pulled it off well.”

We wondered whether sparks did fly off between him and his hot choreographer. “Nothing of that sort happened as my focus was only on dance. She is a very hard working girl and it was really nice practicing with her. We tried to give out performances to the best of our capabilities and it’s seriously sad that we bid adieu to the show so soon.”

With the show only in its third episode, it has already got embroiled in controversies thanks to Drashti Dhami’s replacement. “Even I have not much idea about it although I heard about it. All I can assure you is that Drashti didn’t go because I got evicted (laughs). But yes we were this big family and had lots of masti which will be missed terribly.”

So will his love for dance make him take serious dance lessons to return as a wild card contestant? “See I am an actor and my prime focus is acting. I enjoy dance and hopefully will get to do some in my future films. As far as wild card is concerned, the format of the show does not allow evicted contestants to participate in wild card; so this is the final good bye to the show,” Purab averred.

And finally we asked him about his take on the person who has a high chance of winning Jhalak and he clearly stated, “I think it would be between Mouni (Roy), Ashish (Sharma), Akshat (singh) and Shakti (Mohan). We hardly got much time to interact with everyone, as all are busy in rehearsals. However I gelled quite well with everyone and will surely miss the stage, and of course the dance.”

Hope to see you grooving in your next film, Purab!

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Ghotak to be declared dead in SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar

The current track of SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) plans to bring in an element of serious drama which will set aside the element of rib-tickling comedy for some time.

The recent episodes saw Ghotak (Paresh Ganatra) going missing from the city after having a tiff with a goon. It brought in more sad news for the family members of Chidiya Ghar when they learnt that the goon had not kidnapped him.

Well, now the upcoming episodes will add up to some fascinating drama as Babuji (Rajendra Gupta), Gaumukh (Sumit Arora) and Kappi (Saransh Verma) will don the avatars of investigators to find Ghotak. During the investigations, it will be revealed to them that Ghotak is dead.

Informs a source, “The creatives have crafted a serious story with some cut-to-cut comedy scenes, keeping in mind the concept and genre of the show. Ghotak will definitely be found, but the story line leading to it has not been drafted yet.”

We contacted Ghotak aka Paresh Ganatra for more information and he said, “I pray they find me.”

Sumit Arora who essays Gaumukh on the show stated, “We will be seen visiting the places he usually visits as a part of his routine such as his office, and would inquire about Ghotak. It would be thrilling to watch where Ghotak gets found.”

We excitedly wait for the mystery to unfold!!!

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Savdhan India launches two new series – Crime Kone Kone Se and Delhi Fights Back

It seems that Life OK’s crime buster show, Savdhan India is leaving no stone unturned to make the viewers more aware of the happenings in India.

While the show hosts Savdhan India – India Fights back on the weekdays, it will now be taken off-air for a period of two months and will be replaced with Savdhan India – Crime Kone Kone Se.

Additionally, Savdhan India- Mumbai Fights Back and UP Fights Back which was presenting cases related to crimes in the respective cities on the weekend slot will now be replaced by Savdhan India – Delhi Fights Back.

We contacted Ajit Thakur who confirmed the developments, “Post Mumbai and UP we intend to focus on the happenings in another metro city, Delhi and through Crime Kone Kone Se, we intend to reach out to the minutest cities so that people are more aware and attentive.”

All the production houses namely Rowdy Rascals, Idea Hub Productions, Keylight Productions, Saregama India Ltd, Franklin Pictures Pvt. Ltd and Jagannath Entertainment will be producing the episodes of the newly launched series.

Both the series are scheduled to go on-air from 23 June.

We contacted Nirupam Soni Producer of Idea Hub Productions who stated, “It is a channel’s call, so I cannot comment on the same.”

We tried contacting Manish Popat, Producer of Saregama India Ltd but he remained unavailable for comment.

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It's 'kid chaos' on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka

Kids are a bundle of joy and everyone likes spending time with them. But things get a tad difficult when some kids get to naughty ways when their demands are not met.

We are sure you’d like to get rid of them at the first opportunity but the cast and crew of Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions) can’t do any of that.

We hear that the five little new additions to the cast have made living tough for the entire cast of the show. They cry in chorus and refuse to stop even if the entire crew is on a deadline to deliver the episode. They are troubled, but as it goes with kids, they are also all mushy mushy about it.

Sharing their grievances here are a few popular Sasural stars?

“I love kids but they have turned our set into a chaotic place. The interesting thing is that if one kid cries, others join him or her and then you have like four kids (in the Bharadwaj family) crying together with all their strength,” laughed Manish Raisinghani best known as Siddhant.

“I am missing the younger Anjali she was an angel she never cried on the sets but the new Anjali does not seem to stop crying. These kids live at their own terms and that’s interesting to watch for you know you’re helpless in front of them. You just have to patiently wait till they stop crying and agree to shoot with you again,” averred Jayati Bhatia (Mataji).

When asked if this does make her angry she confessed, “There are instances where you’re running out of time and they keep crying. It does make one angry but at the same time you realise that they are troubled. They want to get back to their parents and you say to yourself it’s a phase and it will pass.”

The new Anjali and Arav have become friends with Mataji for they share her breakfast with them but cooperation on the work front is still awaited.

Falaq Naaz (Jhanvi), who is shown as a mother to a baby boy, seemed to be extremely troubled by her on-screen kid. “The kid that I had earlier never stopped crying no matter what we did so, we replaced him but unfortunately the new one seems to be his twin. I just can’t shoot with him for he cries all day and I forget my lines with all the crying around the place.”

Kids affecting work doesn’t sound so good!

Next we questioned Jyotsna Chandola (Khushi) about her motherly role on-screen and she stated, “I am lucky for my on-screen son does not make lots of noise in comparison with the other kids. But I feel Pari (Shweta Sinha) and Shailendra’s (Ssumier S Pastricha) child should have been mine for she loves match-boxes and cards in real life and that’s something that my on-screen character is close to. My boy is a mamma’s boy.”

Lastly, we spoke to Aadesh Chaudhary (Vikrant Mehta) who luckily has just one kid on his sets, “Kids aren’t used to working environment and that leads to all the cribbing and crying. Like the girl we shoot with wants her mother every five minutes but fortunately for us she has begun jelling with us slowly and steadily.”

Maybe a kid’s management workshop would do some good to the cast and crew of the show. What say???

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Sumona Chakravarti talks about her 'Kick'ing experience

The first promo of Salman Khan’s Kick has made quite a buzz with the bhai flexing his muscles, showing off his dance moves and most importantly those deadly stunts. With the film being touted to be a dhamakedar blockbuster, what also caught our eyes was the presence of TV’s very own Sumona Chakravarti in one of the scenes.

So what is she doing in the flick?

“It’s strange that I feature in just one scene in the trailer, yet I got noticed and people have been asking me about my role in Kick. It’s just a small cameo that I have done. It’s a very sweet and nice character, that’s all I can comment as of now,” said the girl.

When we prodded Sumona further on her avatar of a dulhan in the trailer, she laughed, “Yes, I am in an Indian costume but I won’t like to speak further on my role to spoil the fun. I would want people to see and enjoy it, but I must say it was a ‘kicking’ experience.”

And Sumona enjoyed filming: “I had an awesome time shooting with the team and it was quite a fun outing with Salman (Khan) and Jackie (Jacqueline Fernandez). Although I was there for just some days I really had a gala time. Even Sajid Sir (Nadiawala) was a treat to work with. The film is going to be a complete entertainer.”

We are sure it will be? Sumona!

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Government to appoint Rehaan Khan as Zubair's defence lawyer in Colors' Beintehaa

Zubair’s (Mohit Malhotra) arrest in Colors’ Beintehaa (Fortune Productions) has come as a shock to Aaliya (Preetika Rao).

In the coming episodes, Aaliya will try her best to tell Zain (Harshad Arora) that Zubair can be innocent, but Zain will not pay heeds. Meanwhile, Aaliya’s parents would arrive from Bhopal after knowing about Zubair’s arrest.

A source states, “Aaliya in the meanwhile will go to meet Zubair in the jail, and will be very much upset seeing his miserable state. She will then request Zain to save Zubair. At the station, Zubair would be informed that nobody in his family is keen on saving him. Hence the Government has given him a defence lawyer by the name of Rehaan Khan.”

With this, the introduction of Rehaan Khan, played by Nandish Sandhu will be shown.

We tried contacting Mohit, but could not get through to him.

Watch this space for more updates.

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