Friends, family priority for Indian youth: Study

Mumbai, April 18: Be a rebel – the line from the “Rang De Basanti” song does not seem to resonate with today’s youth in the country. They are now all for caring for their family, according to a new study conducted by youth channel MTV India.

A key finding of ‘The Curious Minds’ study is that the age of rebel cool is long gone. Now the new cool is caring.

Conducted on over 11,000 young people, aged 13 to 25, across more than 40 cities in the Sec A and B (primarily upper class segment), and launched at the recently held MTV Youth Marketing Forum, the study indicates that taking care of their family and having a lot of friends is one of youth’s top priorities.

Contrary to popular belief that the virtual world is becoming more important to the youth, the study indicates that they still value real relationships more, said a statement.

As many as 84 percent respondents said that they first share their happiness with friends in person, than on social media. And when they are low and down, 90 percent of them turn to their family (parents and siblings) to talk it out, with their best friend being their next option (71 percent).

Parents are like a badge of pride for most of them.

Of those in the study, 86 percent said they are proud of their parents and show them off from time to time.

As many as 73 percent said that their parents don’t invade private space and that they share most things with them.

While youngsters are becoming more independent gradually, a key finding of the study indicates that 55 percent of the young respondents don’t mind living with parents even when they are 30.

As far as romance is concerned, it isn’t the ultimate goal for youngsters today – 51 percent of them are currently single while 32 percent believe marriage is outdated.

They are also more committed – as justified by the 78 percent respondents who said it is not okay to cheat even if your partner won’t find out.

Live-in relationships too are a viable option for 44 percent of those surveyed.


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Wonderful to have family rally around me: Hema Malini

Mathura, April 18: Hema Malini, who is busy campaigning as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Mathura Lok Sabha constituency, says she feels “wonderful” to have the support of her family members.

“(My daughters) Esha and Ahana have arrived and are ready to leave for their campaign in Baldeo. It is wonderful to see my entire family rally round me – daughters, sons-in-law, brothers and bhabhis (sisters-in-law) are all here to give me moral support,” the 65-year-old posted on her Twitter page.

The actress, who featured in movies like “Seeta Aur Geeta”, “Sholay” and “Baghban”, was recently miffed over reports that her family was not by her side in her political journey.


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'Mary Kom' shoot harder than hardest for Priyanka

Mumbai, April 18: Months of toil and turmoil for “Mary Kom” have been “harder than the hardest for Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who plays the title role in the biopic on Olympic medal-winning boxer M.C. Mary Kom.

“Last two days of ‘Mary Kom’ shoot…It’s been harder than the hardest. Kudos to the crew for keeping it together. All good things come to an end,” Priyanka posted on her Twitter page Friday.

The National award-winning actress has earlier said that every day of shooting the movie has been inspirational. But she has pushed her boundaries to sink her teeth into the role and in fact, also spent a lot of time with the sports icon to get her act right for the film.

Directed by Omung Kumar, the movie is slated to release on Gandhi Jayanti Oct 2.


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Horror genre evolving in India: Dipannita

New Delhi, April 18: Model-actress Dipannita Sharma, who will be next seen in horror movie “Pizza 3D”, says that the genre is evolving.

“The horror films genre has a lot of potential in India and is evolving substantially. I am very happy to be a part of one such film ‘Pizza 3D’, which is very promising parcelled with the right pulse, different from the regular horror,” she said in a statement.

A Hindi remake of Tamil hit “Pizza”, the film has been co-produced by Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Bejoy Nambiar, while Akshay Akkineni has directed it.

In the past, the actress featured in movies like “Jodi Breakers” and “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl”.


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'Idea of communal identity being bigger than humanity is absurd' (Interview)

Mumbai, April 18: Theatre legend Feroz Abbas Khan’s directorial venture “Dekh Tamasha Dekh” is a brutal chronicle of the communal divide between Hindus and Muslims that stares in our face. He says it was essential for him to express a concern for the times “we’re living in”.

Excerpts from the interview.

Q: “Dekh Tamasha Dekh” throws the simmering discontent between the two communities out in the open?

A: Yes, I think it makes the private the public. It started in our cinema with matters pertaining to sex and sexuality coming out in the open. But a confrontation of communalism in the public was so far hidden from cinematic view. The mindset of public communal violence begins in the privacy of homes. The tenor of discussion in these private discussions suggests that a genocide on a small scale is perfectly okay if it brings about any economic growth. Now that’s kind of mindset where people sit in their drawingrooms and discuss violence. But they don’t really go out and wash their hands in the bloodshed. They let other people do it for them. The minds behind those acts of violence stay out of sight.

The thinking class doesn’t understand the long-term repercussions of their secretly sanctioned violence. To me (Bharatiya Janata Party’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi) Modi, non-Modi, VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) is not important. All these leaders are to me, manifestations of a dangerous mindset where the logic is, sacrificing 4,000-5,000 lives is ok, as it puts a community in its place and is also good for economic growth. Such rabid mindset doesn’t realise what dangerous effects their action would have on society. It is this violent mindset generating out of the drawing rooms that troubles me.

Q: So you’re fundamentally opposed to fundamentalism?

A: Ha ha. You can say that. I can understand the minority communinity’s feeling of persecution. But that doesn’t make their vitriolic any less insane than the majority community’s vitriolic. You can’t say, ‘My bakwas is better than your bakwas’. After watching my film, people are shocked by what they see.

Q: Was there no trepidation that this film would stir up a hornet’s nest?

A: The responses in the most communally volatile places like Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur – hotbeds of communal tension – they all felt that the language of truth is undiluted. It comes across without prejudice and with no baggage.

I didn’t make this film to generate melodrama by creating a filmy conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist. I made this film with no agenda except to tell the truth. It is neither for or against any community. I think I’ve been responsible in putting across the truth. Sure, the language that the two communities use to address one another is harsh. But nothing compared with the language our politicians use on television.

Q: Your film certainly doesn’t flinch from confronting the demons of communalism?

A: For me, it was essential to go out there and express a concern for the times we’re living in. The idea of communal identity being bigger than humanity is absurd and dangerous. Communalism is like a damaged ATM card from which something harmful will always come out. The next stage of the nation’s development cannot happen without a character development. For the younger generation ever response is based on an instant emotional stimulus.

Q: So is the situation completely hopeless for the younger generations?

A: Young people in the smaller towns are connected with a sense of history. I’ve travelled to places like Patna and Kanpur with the film. The youth that I encounter in these towns is not the same people I meet where I stay in South Mumbai. In the larger cities, the youth is fed on alternate reality based on cricket and Bollywood. And that’s a fine option to exercise. However to believe that alternate reality is the only reality worthy of inhabiting is a frightening thought. If you make diversion the focus of your life reality would one day be knocking on your door. Even the intelligentsia is shown to be quite helpless in my film. It’s all very fine to be an intellectual. But what good is your ideology when you are beaten by a mob on the streets? Thinkers are becoming redundant. We’re creating a sharply polarized society consisting of generations that are wither extraordinarily brilliant or a mass of morons.

Q: Your film comes during Lok Sabha elections. What do you have to say about the looming reality of a BJP government?

A: I’ve immense faith in the check, balances and sanity of the country. I think the people who will vote for Narendra Modi will actually be protesting against the complete failure of the Congress government. I am optimistic about the basic decency of the people of the country. However it is very important to be warned that this decency can easily be manipulated for small political gains. Political desperation leads to all kinds of bizarre alliances and compromises….like Mrs Sonia Gandhi meeting the Shahi Imam.

Q: How did you convince the censor board to let go the volatile content and the strong dialogues?

A: It was cleared nine months ago when Pankaja Thakur was still the CEO of the Censor Board Of Film Certification. She was very rational in her approach. The entire censor board loved the film. One lady actually felt children should be allowed to watch the film. But the film had go to the Revising Committee. After a very long discussion they decided I only had to cut 40 seconds of the Maulana’s rabid speech.

Q: Would your future films continue to display the same level of social commitment?

A: I’ve told what I had to tell. I had to get it out of my system. My health was getting affected because of all these ideas were bottled up against me… It’s out of my system. My next film is a pure love story. Luckily I got a fabulous cast.


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Immediately said yes to 'Splitsvilla': Sunny Leone

New Delhi, April 18: Indo-Canadian adult film actress Sunny Leone is back to where she started her career in Hindi showbiz – the small screen. She has signed up as the host of popular dating reality show “MTV Splitsvilla”, and she is excited.

Sunny, who recently hosted MTV’s “Haunted Weekends” made inroads into the Mumbai entertainment industry following her 2011 appearance on “Bigg Boss 5″.

“I recently hosted a show for MTV and I totally loved working with such a creative bunch of people. So when they came back to me with the offer of hosting ‘MTV Splitsvilla’, I immediately said yes,” Sunny said in a statement.

“It’s a fun show focussing on the youth and one of the biggest and most watched shows on MTV. I’m excited to be a part of ‘MTV Splitsvilla’ and I hope people will love me in my new avatar as well,” she added.

The show has an equal number of girls and boys fighting their battle of love to win the crown of the king and the queen.

Sunny will co-host the seventh season of the show with Nikhil Chinapa. It will go on air in a few months, said a source.

The actress has been successful in creating space and visibility for herself on the Bollywood screens so far. After her debut with 2012 erotic thriller “Jism 2″, she featured in “Jackpot” and “Ragini MMS 2″. She has also grooved to an item song in “Shootout At Wadala”.

The last season of “MTV Splitsvilla” was hosted by Sherlyn Chopra.


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Love triangle between Parth, Sanyukta and Randhir to intensify in Channel V's Sadda Haq

The numero uno show on Channel V, Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Entertainment Pvt Ltd), has won over the hearts of viewers like a breeze with its fresh storyline and brilliant performances.

And with the show completing 100 episodes recently, the story is going to get all the more interesting in the coming days.

As seen so far, Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) has a strange relationship with Randhir (Param Singh). Although the two get into fights and try to put down each other all the time, they also appreciate each other’s talent. On the other hand, with the entry of Parth (Ankit Gupta), things have got all the more complicated between the trio.

Informs a source, “In the coming episodes, the goings will get intensified between these young hearts as they try to cope up with the feelings of hatred, friendship and love.”

Randhir will feel jealous of the growing friendship between Sanyukta and Parth and will insult the former saying that she is quite selfish and wants to just romance with Parth forgetting the woes of her father.

Parth, who is still in love with his first girlfriend but cannot help care about Sanyukta, will be enraged by this act of Randhir and have an altercation with him on the same. The poor girl, who still hasn’t realised her true feelings, will be happy to have Parth beside her after being hurt by Randhir’s words.

So where will these love stories lead to?

We tried calling Harshita, but she was unreachable.

Keep reading* for news and updates from the world of TV and Bollywood.

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92.7 Big FM and Big Magic launch 'Big Chunaavi Magic'

Breaking away from the heat of the political campaigning, vote appeals and endless debates doing the rounds in the country, 92.7 BIG FM and BIG MAGIC come together launch a refreshing satirical offering this election season titled ‘BIG Chunaavi Magic’. With talented comedians like Sugandha Mishra and Mantra teaming up with the best of mimicry artistes and comic talent, the month long offering presents a light-hearted perspective on the election scenario in the country. The special offering launches on 27th April at 8pm on BIG MAGIC and then each Sunday @8pm ending 25th May. BIG Chunaavi Magic will play on 92.7 BIG FM through the month in the form of capsules, interviews, special segments and more. With the country’s most topical subject being packaged in a humor offering, this special programming innovation promises to draw audiences.

The BIG Chunaavi Magic will see an engaging programming line-up featuring unique properties like:

? Skits and features – Where comedians Sugandha and Mantra will battle each other through a series of rib-tickling skits performed by their teams comprising BIG MAGIC’s show artists.

? Bollywood ka Maha Chunaav, where India’s leading mimicry artists don the avatar of Bollywood stars mock campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections.

? An exclusive Hasya Kavi Sammelan – an out and out laugh-out-loud one hour special which will see the best comedians coming together, delivering a unique comic rendition to the Elections.

? Seedhi Ungli – a comic take on the election scenario encouraging people to extend their seedhi ungli to vote and rectify the tedhi system in our country.

Enjoy the comedy offering only on 92.7 BIG FM and BIG MAGIC!

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The curious case of Nashu Rehman: Is Cezanne's ex now Kashif's wife?

This can get a little baffling. It did for us in the beginning. But later things became clearer.

We shall straight cut into the story. Remember Cezanne Khan? The yesteryear famous actor who shot to fame playing Anurag Basu in Ekta Kapoor’s super famous show, Kasautii Zindagii Kay. Well, he has been away from television since then but he will certainly be making buzz now for his personal life.

Earlier in the day a credible source of ours sent us some pictures. Startling pictures featuring two television actors, namely Cezanne and Kashif Khan (Haar Jeet). And the common factor in them was the girl, Nashu (Naushin) Rehman.

“Nashu, a pilot by profession hails from Pakistan. She met Cezanne and both fell in love. After dating for a year, they got engaged on 1 June 2011. However, soon things went sour with Cezanne started taking Nashu for granted. She shifted to Miami, USA and the distance proved to be the death knell for their relationship,” said a source.

Sad, indeed!!!

The same source added that Cezanne and Nashu were head over heels in love (above picture says the same), and the separation came heavy on their hearts.

However, with passing time, Nashu found love again in actor Kashif Khan.

“Yes, Kashif saw and met Nashu and was struck by bolt. He immediately popped up the question of marriage and the conjugal finally took place on 18 October 2013 (check pic above). Kashif is in India and Nashu is in States currently, but she keeps flying in and out of India. Soon she will permanently settle over here,” added the source.

So, Nashu first found a home in Cezanne’s heart and now she is nesting in Kashif’s.

We could not connect to Nashu and Kashif. But when buzzed Cezanne, his mom Tasnim Khan answered the call. After a patient hearing she denied Cezanne being engaged to Nashu at all.

“This is all rubbish. Cezanne is very much single. The picture you are talking about is from a scene that he did for a Pakistani show. Someone might be circulating it and telling everyone that it’s from his engagement.”

Hmm?so which show is she talking about? Can she name it? And was Nashu a part of it? “I can’t remember it. And Nashu was with him in the show.”

But when we Googled and even queried from sources, we did not find any info of Cezanne being a part of a Pakistani show with Nashu. Yes, Cezanne did feature in Pakistani serials Piya Ke Ghar Jaana Hain and Silsilay Chahat Ke, but we could not find any Pakistani actress with the name of Nashu Rehman (if you guys get any info, feel free to share with us at ).

Well, this is very much a curious and interesting love story. One can make a movie out of it or a television show. And the makers don’t have to worry about the casting (wink wink).

Keep reading* for more gossips and updates from the world of television and movies!!!

Disclaimer: Any content appearing under ‘Gossip’ section is purely gossip and does not comply with the same.

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Pratap to perform a special dance sequence on Sony TV's Maharana Pratap

Bharat Ka Veer Putra- Maharana Pratap, the historical extravagant saga on Sony Entertainment Television, has been seeing a lot of action-packed sequences in the past episodes.

But it’s finally time to rejoice as this Contiloe Entertainment produced show will see a lavish wedding in the coming episodes.

Well, if you are wondering who is getting married, here we bring you the details.

But before that, let us share that there is a treat for all dance lovers out there. The young and talented Faisal Khan, who plays the warrior prince Pratap in the show, is going to perform a special dance number.

And the occasion for all these festivities will be the marriage of Chakrapani and Saubhagyavati.

The true friend Pratap has been trying really hard to get his friend hooked. And after a hard time, he will finally manage to get the love birds take the marital vows at a grand ceremony.

And to show his happiness and excitement, Pratap will present a special dance performance for all the guests present at the wedding.

When we called up Faisal, he said, “It’s always a pleasure to dance. And to perform a typical Rajputana dance number was a challenge, but also super fun.”

This special episode will be soon aired on the show.

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